Art West Prize 2021

Replacing the Landscape Prize and new for 2021, will be the Art West Prize 2021.

The Art Prize will have categories covering media that our artists work in and therefore offers a far wider opportunity for members to participate.

Key Dates and Information

Entries close:                               Thursday June 17th 2021  6pm cut-off for entries

Delivery of artwork:                    Sunday July 11th 2021    between 9am and 12pm

Collection of Artworks:             Sunday September 5th 2021  between 9am and 12pm

Exhibition opening dates:         Tuesday July 13th - Saturday September 4th 2021

Opening Night:                           Thursday July 15th 6pm - 8pm  Prize Winners announced

Categories and Prizes

ART WEST PRIZE 2021         Chosen from any artwork in any medium as a stand alone overall prize winner.

OIL                              A medium consisting of pigments suspended in oils. - 1st and 2nd Prizes

ACRYLIC                    Consisting of pigment suspended in acrylic polymer emulsion - 1st, 2nd and 3rd Prizes

WATERCOLOUR      Pigments suspended in a water soluble binder (framed under glass or art quality acrylic/perspex. Gouche highlights and pen & wash accepted).

PASTEL/DRAWING/PRINT MEDIA            Framed under glass or art quality acrylic/perspex. Any drawing mediums, pencil, pen, pastel, ink etc.

                                                                        Including etching, woodblock, linocut, rubbing, new media, digital and film-based photography

MIXED MEDIA           Any work that includes more than one media, or 2D work that does not fit any other category, such as resin, fluid or flow art.

3D MODELED/CARVED      Includes additive methods such as clay, porcelain, ceramics; and subtractive methods, which include carving wood, stone, and other materials.

HANGERS CHOICE PRIZE   Selected by the gallery hanging team.

PEOPLES CHOICE                 Chosen by the public. The most popular artwork will be awarded the People's Choice Prize

PEOPLES CHOICE VOTER   One person, who submits a vote, will be drawn randomly from all votes received and will win a $100 voucher towards an artwork at Art West Gallery

The acceptance of any entry is subject to the discretion of the Installation Manager

1. The Art West Prize 2021 is open to Members of the Art West Group. Members may enter up to 2 artworks.

2. Cost of entry is $20 per entry.

3. The entered work can be any subject, however the category entered must be noted on the didactic.

4. A 50 word (maximum) Artwork Statement must accompany the entry didactic. This is a brief description in support of the work so as to give the viewer and the Judges an understanding of the work.

5. All artworks entered by the artist must be the original work and concept of the artist.

6. The entered artwork must be new (completed within the previous 24 months) and be the absolute property of the artist, and must not have been entered previously in any Art West competition.

7. The artwork must meet a minimum standard and presentation (at the discretion of the Installation Manager)

8. Artworks must be at least 90% of One of the Mediums/Categories listed above or it will be classified as Mixed Media.

9. The finished painting, print or photography artwork, including the frame, must be no larger than 110cm x 110cm (including Diptych and Triptych works) and must be framed. A stretched canvas is considered framed. Print Media entries must be framed with glass or art acrylic

10. The finished 3D entry must be no larger than 50cm on any one side.

11. Artworks must comply with Art West hanging instructions (available in the members section of the web site)

12. Entries must be for sale. All prize winning entries are to remain in the gallery for the duration of the exhibition, even if sold. The artist shall indicate their sale price on the didactic. The usual Art West commission applies. The sale price indicated in the entry form shall apply and shall remain fixed for the duration of the exhibition.

13. Entrants are required to fulfil the roster hours at the gallery as per normal exhibitions

14. Entries must be received by Art West Community Gallery no later than 6pm Thursday June 17th 2021. Entries will not be accepted after this time. Usual AWCG payment methods apply.

15. No changes (title, substitute artworks, etc) to entry forms are permitted after 6pm Thursday June 17th 2021

16. Entries shall be delivered for hanging at the bump-in on Sunday July 11th 2021,. All works must be prepared with the appropriate wire and D hooks attached and must be marked clearly on the back with artist’s name and title of work. Please supply the usual AWCG didactic including your artwork statement when sending your entry.

17. Artists in this exhibition will allow their works to be reproduced in print and electronic formats for the purpose of advertising and promoting the exhibition. The Gallery reserves the right to reproduce all winning entries in relation to the Prize.

18. Art West has the right to withdraw a category or prize if the category is unsupported in number or quality, according to the Installation Manager and Judges discretion. In this case the category will be merged with another category.

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