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Muza Ulasowski G'Day - Print.jpg


Muza Ulasowski established her art studio, Muza Designs, in 2007, set in the leafy western suburb of Brookfield in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. The studio is surrounded by a vast array of wildlife who tend to regularly make an appearance in her illustrations. 

In 2010, she was invited to illustrate her first children's picture book and enjoyed it so much, she has been collaborating ever since with Australian and international authors and publishers. To date she has illustrated over 10 published children's picture books and is currently illustrating several more.

Whilst primarily concentrating on creating digital images for children's picture books, Muza also specialises in graphic design, designing book covers and book layouts to print ready stage.

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Marie Kennedy - Amigos para siempre.jpg
Marie (1).jpg


Artist since 2009

Mediums: Pastels and  Acrylic

Marie finds painting therapeutic for her mind, and a fantastic way to relax.

She started exhibiting her paintings in 2019. During this time, she has donated some of her works towards raising funds for Mental Health, Trauma and Cancer research. 


Marie says there is always a story/reason at the time as to why she’ll paint a particular subject. Her favourite subjects to paint are Wildlife and Flowers. But she is always trying new art and crafts to broaden her imagination. A quote that sums up Marie’s story:

‘Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time. ’Thomas Merton

Follow Marie on: Facebook: Marie’s Creations

Noelani Magnus.jpg


Noelani had never picked up a brush until her daughter dragged her to a paint and sip night in 2017. She has barely put the brush down since! 


Starting with acrylic, exploring soft pastel, dabbling in digital and now completely obsessed with watercolour and ink, she is working her way through media and subjects. 

Filling sketchbooks constantly, flowers, fruit, creatures, trees and plants are her favourites - nature has very forgiving shapes. And butterflies keep dipping into frame. 

Instagram: justaddshadows


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Di Cox
Di Cox 'First Light Tranquility Bay' Acrylic.jpg
Di Cox.jpg


Di‘s art draws on her intuitive creativity, inspired by nature and reflecting the uniquely Australian light and colour that have saturated her being. Just as Di’s spirit is influenced by her idyllic childhood, growing up in rural north Queensland where freedom and promise abounded, so is her design approach.

In just over a decade of dedication to her craft, Di has earnt the recognition of a respected artist with a strong following, and is honoured to have her work held in private collections across Australia and overseas. As cliché as it sounds, Di is passionate about life. She not only is an artist, but also a physiotherapist (which daily provides marvel and inspiration at the strength of the human spirit), an avid gardener (who loves nature and the outdoors), a happy traveller (finding inspiration wherever she goes, demonstrated by her award winning photography), and an active member of both Royal Queensland Art Society and Art West Community Gallery, where she regularly volunteers. Each facet of her being is implicit in her artistic expression.

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Perrin Millard.jpg


For over 30 years Perrin Millard has had an interest in different art mediums, including lead lighting, silversmithing, printing, drafting, life drawing, and painting.


For the past 12 years Perrin has extensively pursued formal and in-formal learning intertwining both traditional and academic training, including the completion of a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2018, where she achieved three academic awards, and completed an Honours program achieving an (Hon 1) in 2021 at the Queensland College of Arts, Griffith University.

Irena Annandale-James Dreamboat.jpg


Irena Annandale-James is a Polish-Australian, who resided 22 years in Denver, Colorado, USA, where she became an American citizen and gained an Associates Degree (High Honours) in Graphic Design and Pre-Press.

Vibrant colours have always warmed her soul and she endeavours to bring that warmth into her paintings. Many of her artworks have received highly commended awards. She has worked with graphite, charcoal, coloured pencils and pastels. Acrylics are now her medium of choice.   She has branched out from portraits, to include seascapes and the beauty of birds and flora, which she endeavours to capture in her paintings, applying some "artistic license”. 

Irena also has a keen love of photography, and says she is always on the lookout to capture that certain scene.

di woods
Diane Woods - Game on.png


Diane Woods – born in Toowoomba then family moved to Brisbane. English, Irish and a touch of French ancestry.

Diane has always been a dreamer, loved colour and fashion and adored the old films when women were feminine and dressed with style. Being ‘queen of the kids’ she always drew funny pictures for friends and neighbours children’s parties.

Life got busy and involved but after finishing work Diane was free to explore and discover what she would like to do that makes her happy. Diane attended some acrylic and oil art classes and decided acrylic was her choice of medium. Having only been painting for a few years she felt happiest painting colourful animated ladies and animals. Not wanting to stress over perspective, light, depth and the rest it became apparent that she found her niche.

I guess her style is Naïve art to a degree. She has no notable awards to brag about. She is a happy and an easy going person. Her paintings of roosters wearing socks will always bring a smile to your face.

Christine B
Christine Boulsover Ms Merganser.jpg
Christine Boulsover Bio 2022_edited.jpg


Growing up in the United Kingdom Chris always loved to draw and paint but it was only after moving to Australia in the 70’s that art became more of a focus for her and she studied Commercial Illustration at Queensland College of Art, subsequently working as a Layout Artist designing print media advertisements for MYER (Qld).


Chris has since gained a Bachelor of Visual Arts (QCA) and a Graduate Diploma Arts Adminstration (QUT).

Jude Pittard - Moody Hues.jpg


With her art Jude endeavours to display and capture emotion, movement and theme employing various textures in most often imaginative abstract form, using acrylic, mixed media and pastel. Brushes and knives are used as well as bare hands at times. My aim is to draw the viewer's eye to the canvas where I begin my journey with enthusiasm, uncertain where it will lead me.


A desire to express herself at the easel by painting in abstract form has been within her heart and soul from a very young age. However, she has only been painting for gallery exhibitions as recently as  2010.  Jude often employs mixed media, acrylic and pastel for diverse texture, colour and visual interest endeavouring to capture emotion, varying textures and movement in different forms.

Malcolm Stirling
Malcolm Stirling .jpg
Malcolm 2.jpg


Malcolm has been involved in painting since his retirement, fulfilling a dream held  for a number of years before that.  Malcolm works in oils on board, enjoying their texture and feel when applying them to a surface. His deep love of nature is reflected in most of his works.


In some works he has enjoyed the playful aspect of fantasy, creating an imaginary golf hole or landscape. Malcolm has been involved in painting since his retirement, fulfilling a dream held  for a number of years before that.  Malcolm works in oils on board, enjoying their texture and feel when applying them to a surface. His deep love of nature is reflected in most of his works. In some works he has enjoyed the playful aspect of fantasy, creating an imaginary golf hole or landscape.

Glenise Clelland
Entrance to the Cave - Glenise Clelland.jpg
Glenise Clelland.jpg


I am a contemporary Queensland visual artist with over 35 years of exhibiting at major art galleries in Australia and overseas.


I studied Fashion Design at The Brisbane College of Art (now Queensland University of Technology.) 


In 1976 I won the Queensland Fashion Awards and for the next 15yrs designed hundreds of Bridal Gowns for Australian brides. 


I also received an Enterprising Woman Award from the (then) Governor of Queensland Quentin Bryce.

Yvonne Bouwman
 Yvonne B pots023.JPG
Yvonne Bouwman face.jpg


Yvonne is a ceramic artist with forty-five year's experience. In recent years she has become fascinated with the vibrant colours and rich textures of the Australian Landscape.


She is represented in permanent collections internationally.  Her ceramics have been presented as gifts to overseas dignitaries by the Queensland government.


Twenty years ago she extended her creative skills to include painting, studying at the Brisbane Institute of Art. 

Lyn Fairlie
Lyn Fairley moonlit landscape.jpg


Lyn joined Art West in 2018. Born in Canberra in 1961, Lyn only became interested in creating art as a 56 year old (5 years ago). From spray paint, Lyn started dabbling in water colour, which lead to pastels (and her first real life tutorials with Tony White (watercolour) and Jeannie Cotter (pastels)), which lead to air brush (the only official art course with Ventura Airbrush systems that she is continuing to this day) which led to pan pastels, which led to acrylic and coming full circle, back to acrylic pouring.  She does ALL of these mediums and refuses to choose between them.  She loves painting animals, and birds, and flowers, sunsets and waterfalls… and probably prefers realism over abstract (her mind just doesn’t work that way, she says).  Lyn entered the Brookfield Art Show last year for the first time, and was Highly Commended for her Glossy Black Cockatoo painting in acrylic (which also sold at the show). 

Lyn has sold numerous pieces over the years.  She has been very privileged to be at the Gallery when a few of her paintings sold - a very humbling experience, she said.

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Rachael Torepe
Rachel Torepe.jpg
Rachel torepe.jpg


Rachael has always used art and craft as an outlet from everyday life. When she discovered clay, it was like being a child again immersed in mud or squishing playdough in her hands. Rachel uses hand building and moulds to create her work, rather than throwing on the wheel. She loves experimenting with different decorations, glazing and firing.

Rachael finds experimenting with different  decorations, glazes and firing techniques exciting.  The use of bright colours or a mix of glazes gives an eye-catching effect. Earlier work included animals, abstract sculptures and using coral and flowers as decoration.

Recently Rachael has ventured into making monsters as I find I can let my imagination run She is not limited to how many eyes or legs they have and monsters can be any colour.

Marta Blaszak
'The Calm Below' Mixed Media Marta Blaszak $250.jpg
Marta Blaszac.jpg


Marta was always interested in Visual Art and after retiring, she completed a Diploma in Visual Art at the Bremer TAFE in 2011. Since, Marta has exhibited in several membership exhibitions as a member of Logan Artist
Association, Somerset Art Society and Boonah Art Society. 

Marta has had several solo exhibitions through SASI Art at the Glenrock Gallery in Esk and is exhibiting with the Outside In art programs at St Vincent's Hospital and at the Royal Women's Hospital.

Her art is mostly inspired by nature, the flora and fauna of the parklands and the lake at Forest Lake. Marta also paints images from ocean life inspired by many boat trips with her husband around Moreton Bay.

Recently Marta discovered Fluid Acrylic Pouring and now often combines this with her more realistic style. By combining both styles, her latest pieces capture and celebrate the unexpected, unique, and sometimes
chaotic beauty of nature without trying to contain it.

Lisa Bagnell
Leslie Bagnell turtle.png
Lisa Bagnell.png


Lisa's love of creation led to studies in Biology any and geology.


A curiosity for the Creator's Heart of loving Generosity complete her life's pursuits.


Learning to paint in 2014 helped compensate for the loss of the ability to read and write after mental illness completely changed her life.


Her outlook on life is positive and her life is, by necessity, very simple. Painting allows Lisa to express herself and invites the viewers to interpret the pieces for themselves

David ote
Brandy Rose Original 10.8.png


David is a photographer with an interest in capturing images that people find beautiful, captivating and feel a sense of connection with. He is a firm believer in the power of photography to have a positive affect on the viewer both psychologically and emotionally.


He shoots a wide range of subjects including nature, people and architecture. He is also a videographer and musician and enjoys the challenge of creating and merging moving image and sound in a synergistic and powerful way.

Susan Segal
Susan Segal_lakeview.jpg
Susan Segal (1) - Copy.png


At the age of 14. Susan salvaged an old Box Brownie destined for the tip. Her mother generously donated a roll of monochrome film. And so.  began a lifetime passion for photography.  Over twenty years ago she bought her first digital camera and has since progressed through an endless series of models as the technology improved over time. Susan's style can be described as "Chiaroscuro"; the play of light an shadow using black and white. Four years ago Susan bought her first Drone and, whilst travelling extensively, has enjoyed the opportunity it provides to capture images from a very different perspective.

Mostly a self taught artist, Susan paints in a predominantly realistic style, favouring architectural images. However over the last two years she has ventured into a totally abstract style of acrylic flow art. Recently she has begun experimenting with alcohol inks to produce artworks with a more ethereal quality.

15 years ago Susan designed and created her own website

Bernadette McConville
Bernadette McConville.jpg
Bernadette Mc Conville.png


Bernatte McConville has painted  for as long as she can remember .She still possesses some of her art that dates back forty odd years..  Her favourite medium is oils, loving the way it performs giving her time for movement and to blend and develop depth and colour. In between works in oil, she draws with pastels and paints in watercolour.  Bernadette especially enjoys the softness that pastels bring  to her work. - She always takes a pad and pastels on her travels. 


For several years during the 80's watercolours became her medium of choice to the extent that she became a member of the Pretoria-based Water Colour Society in South Africa. She appreciated the transparency and cleanliness of the medium, but as always, a return to oils was inevitable.


Her subject matter varies, painting landscapes and animals, with a special fondness for still life. Bernadette has recently tried portraiture,with success. She finds having a wide range of subject matter challenges her creativity and develops and improves technique. She is always on the lookout for a new and exciting project for her easel.

You'll find her at @Artdaft - which just about sums her up.

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Delma Brunello
Delma Brunello Felicity's Garden.jpg
Delma Brunello - Tropicana.JPG


My interest is still movement and flow but I now work with acrylics as well as inks.


Shapes of all sizes began to appear in my work and I saw that in a general way they represented life.


People moving, soaring high, dancing, gathering together for fun and sometimes fighting. So- my shapes became people and my art intersected with psychology.

Jenelle Morris-Green


Jenelle’s early painting days would begin in the morning and continue into the night until the piece was completed. Her paintings were mostly landscapes and seascapes and many were sold to relatives and friends on commission and many more given away as gifts. 


Jenelle is very passionate about painting seascapes and flowers with Caloundra and Tulips being favourite subjects, also painting dog and portrait commissions. The sea and beach give her inspiration, never the same, incessantly perfect and full of magical colour and movement. Tulips exude perfect form, strong though delicate which encompasses Jenelle’s style and passion.


Her works have won prizes at Brisbane Ekka, Ipswich Show, Brookfield Show, Lilly-Lee Gallery, Just Paint Art Studio.  Her works were featured in Australian Artists Magazine several times. Jenelle has also been the Featured Artist at Art West Gallery Mt. Ommaney.


During the last few years Jenelle have sold or given away many of her works as well as painting several commissions, with collections throughout Australia as well as USA and Japan and South Africa. 

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Fiona Dixon


Fiona is a Brisbane artist who likes to bring joy to others through her work. Always interested in learning different techniques, Fiona utilizes various styles and mediums to express her unusual and quirky ideas.

​"I sometimes wake in the middle of the night with ideas about how and what I would like to produce. I find this thinking time valuable and jot down my imaginings the next morning".

Fiona prefers to use acrylic and mixed media in her painting. This brings a richness in both colour and texture to her work. She has tried her hand in printmaking and is now exploring ceramics.
​"I would get bored producing the same stuff over and again. Why stick to one thing when imagination is unlimited?"


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Traci Marlin


Drawing and colouring as a child gave Traci great comfort after relocating regularly and a long illness as a child. High school was her first encounter in the study of art and its principals, learning portraiture and the elements of fine art.
This added the desire to future studies in art however this was not pursued until 20 years later. Traci attended a course in “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain” by Betty Edwards at her local church developing perceptual skills and practising portraits and other subjects, reconnecting her to her almost forgotten love of art. Later she attended drawing course at the Brisbane Institute of Art, which helped her further develop her drawing diversity.

Traci has accomplished many commissions over the years for delighted clients, some of those boing portraits of loved ones and their pets. Recently Traci has dabbled with drawing from nature in subjects such as floral and fauna still experimenting with various mediums and a variety of techniques. “I have always loved flowers and plants with their brilliance and colour but I think I am almost ready to engage with portraits again”. Predominately Traci has use such mediums as graphite and charcoal in portraits but moved onto pastels and acrylics with other subject. “I am not sure I have found my style as yet, I am still exploring and trying new techniques”. Afternoon walks in her local area provide interesting subjects to be captured and contemplated resulting in colourful, fun and slightly hectic workspace.

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Noreen walsh
Noreen Walsh.jpg


As an artist who also is a paediatric stroke and neurosurgery survivor, I see the world in a very unique way. The vibrancy & intensity of colours in my paintings are because that’s what I actually see when I look at the world around me. This sensory overload affects my everyday life and of course is very much reflected in my work.


Having just 50% vision also makes painting a fun challenge & is why my paintings are perfectly imperfect if you are interested in matching sides :)

You may wonder why I paint if I’m visually impaired & my neurology heavily influences my work, from the basic fact of having to learn to paint with my non dominant hand to having life-long neuro-exhaustion which severely limits my time in my home studio.


The answer is simple. I LOVE what I do!

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Jeanne Cotter
Standing-Tall-by-Jeanne-Cotter (1).jpg
Jeanne Cotter.png


When I was around 46 and living on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, I stumbled across an amazing pastel artist. I was so intrigued with her art and fell in love with pastels there and then. This lady invited me to her pastel art classes and so I went… every week, once a week, for 6 years. For me, taking those few hours out of my hectic week to spend time making art, learning and discovering the beauty of pastels was a gift to me, to be with myself and develop my art. 

In 2014 I moved my home and my business and my elderly parents to Brisbane and art classes became a thing of the past while I got busy settling in to my new home, getting married, organising my parent’s aged care, finding work and generally starting over. It’s been a busy crazy amazing few years. Both my parents have since passed away and I miss them terribly. In 2021 Brian and I retired and we’re now living in beautiful Toowoomba where we are creating art and woodwork and enjoying precious family time.

Kim Blackshaw
Kim Blackshaw.jpg
Kim Blackshaw.png


Kim Blackshaw joined Art West three years ago upon her return from London. She enjoys the camaraderie of fellow artists and especially enjoys hearing them explain how they created their artwork. Kim has found everyone to be so friendly and welcoming.

Kim is a printmaker who loves the technique because of the unique affects it gives. "It really has a different look," explains Kim. The greatest lesson Kim has learned on her artistic journey is to really appreciate creation. "There is so much beauty in the world. I find joy in looking at clouds, insects, flowers..." she explains. When asked what advice Kim would offer others new to art, she replied: "Make time to do art everyday".

Kim's Bouquet is on display and for sale at ArtWest Community Gallery's current exhibition. A colourful and joyous artwork, it celebrates God's garden.


To view more of Kim's artwork, please follow her on Facebook at KimBlackshawArt.

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Mandy Wildie
profile size (1).JPG


Mandy Wildie (Art by AJ) has been creating and selling artworks - both locally and internationally - since 2012. The ‘Butterfly series’ – acrylic on canvas – was her initial theme for a number of years until her (much loved) husband kindly (and bravely) suggested she might like to try ‘something else’.

The advice given resulted in the ‘Raining Happy’ series (watercolour on paper): people/VW’s/frogs/phone booths/dogs - under umbrellas getting drenched by pots of rainbow coloured paint. In-between, there have been one-off paintings including: candles, roses, sunflowers and marbles.
Regardless of the actual subject matter, Mandy’s works are all a tribute to vibrant colour and are intended to elicit a smile and sense of well-being. Her philosophy is simply that art is something people should invite into their homes because it resonates with them in a joyful way (as opposed to ‘matching the décor’).
Currently, Mandy is working on capturing the beauty of the bridal bouquet.

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Paul V Ross


He enjoys oil painting, playing the guitar, listening to jazz and popular music and gardening. He had some lessons in water colour painting during his school days and won a few prizes in the Rockhampton Agricultural Show. Due to commitments of work, raising two sons and playing golf, his art career was put on hold until retirement.


He has been painting in oils since 2020 and is self taught from the many talented artists offering instructional videos on YouTube. His favourite subjects are landscapes, seascapes, buildings, nature and still life. His style could be described as realism with a hint of impressionism. Inspiration is drawn

from photographs from his own collection and that of the gifted amateur photographer, his late cousin, Frank McDonald of Townsville, and from friends.

He has exhibited in The Doyles Art Prize in 2022 and produced a number of commissioned works such as a rural scene near Kabra, the Supreme Court Building in Rockhampton and a beloved pet dog.

Online collection:

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Sibylle Zinnocker
Sibylle Zinnocker.jpg


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Sibylle is an abstract artist driven by colour and working purely intuitively, so each painting is unique and couldn’t be recreated even by the artist herself.


Born in Austria, she graduated in 2001 from a small art school in Linz (HBLA für Künstlerische Gestaltung) where the education was varied from textile design, printing, visual art, woodwork and metal work and she completed her A-Levels in art history. 


After focussing on her career and getting lost in work, moving to Australia and having a small family with kids, she found her way back her passion in early 2022 and has been painting ever since. 


Her inspiration is almost always colour and that is how all the paintings start, simply with an idea of a colour palette and the rest is guided by intuition and the process of getting lost in painting. 


‘Finding my way back to art, has been a way to find my way back to myself and painting is a very powerful tool to calm my mind. I also find working abstract, is a break from my analytical mind and it is the only area in my life where I am okay to go in without a plan and just let go.’

Rochy Miller
Blue Eyed Baby - Rochy Miller.jpg


Rochy Miller was born in South Africa where she spent almost half her life

before emigrating to Australia in 1991. She lives in the Western Suburbs of Brisbane, is a retired medical doctor and is a published author. She enjoys creating in many forms – painting, toy-making, writing.

Rochy has always loved to draw and paint, and despite no formal training, has spent the past twenty years experimenting in various styles, using acrylic paint, charcoal, pastel, and ink, dabbling with recreating landscapes and

wildlife from both of the countries she has called home.

She has painted large, child-friendly mural-style paintings of animals, for the waiting rooms of various medical centres in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast, and for private individuals.

Painting wildlife - especially African animals - remains her love. She has been exhibiting at the Art West Community Gallery since January 2020


Rochy’s Virtual Gallery.

Rachel Auton
Rachel Auton (2).jpg


Rachel Auton is a Visionary Artist.

Rachel’s work has been featured as a published book cover and several magazine covers. In 2016 Rachel has won a “Distinguished Artist Award” for hers works “ Conservation Goddess” and “Oceanic Goddess” and published during June 2016 in The Artascent Magazine under the theme of “Green”, she was also a finalist of “The Colours of Humanity” International Online Gallery with “Oceanic Goddess” being featured in their Water June 2016 Exhibition.

Rachel is a self-taught Artist and enjoys doing various workshops to experiment with techniques and gain new skills. Rachel says of her work “For me art is an expression and a celebration of my Spirituality. My artistic practice is themed around healing and a Universal spirituality.

My aspiration is to paint messages, visions and narratives that promote spiritual healing and growth. My two dimensional work is intended to be multi-sensory, vibrant, energetic, colourful and many times the paint is applied with my own fingers in order to help me connect on a deeper physical level with the creative process.”

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Charlene Attwell Harvey
Charlene Atwell-Three Little Guinea Pigs (2).JPG


Born in Rhodesia, with Africa in her veins Charlene’s circumstances dictated that she venture into the new and equally extraordinary vista of a new land; Australia, where the sun shines and the lands are vast, she chose Queensland in which to finally settle. Creativity and empathy are deeply rooted in her genetics, which
is tempered by a stubborn and fierce fighting spirit. Art has always been lurking in her background with great artists scattered throughout her family, but it was only once she arrived in Australia that her brushes began whispering her name.

Tentatively wading into unknown waters coincided with the discovery of the Art West Community Gallery and it was then that the bug truly bit, and she became obsessed with all things art.

Charlene’s primary passion is undoubtedly animals; both African and Australian captured in Oils on Canvas. The Ocean too has a strong pull and when Charlene recently discovered the exciting and beautiful medium of soft pastels and the freedom this new medium brings, she easily immersed herself into a parallel stream of creativity with oils on canvas and soft pastels.
She revels in the chaos and colour in her studio and continues her journey with passion and purpose. Charlene would claim to be an artist who enjoys realism in her work but won’t rule out the absolute freedom of abstract works as she continues exploring the artistic horizons in her future.

Linda Olsen
Exhausted - Linda Olsen_edited.jpg
'Lady in Red' Acrylci Linda Olsen $300.jpg


Linda was born in Melbourne, but had lived in Brisbane for most of her life. She became interested in drawing from  around age 10, and this has progressed during retirement into painting. Her art developed over the years by following favourite artists, and studying their techniques, and constantly reading art magazines and books. 

People and animals are Linda's primary subject matter. She was attracted to drawing the human form from an early age, and also her love of animals has produced many animal paintings.To achieve accuracy in portrait painting, Linda sketches her subjects, and sometimes draws a rough sketch with the paintbrush on the canvas. Also painting upside down is a much used technique. Her style is impressionistic while trying to achieve a good likeness.

Linda is inspired by Evert Ploeg for his portraits, Colley Whisson for his fabulous landscapes and buildings, and Katya Minkina for her animal paintings and so many more. The comments from commissions Linda has completed over the years has been heartwarming. Collectors have paid tribute to Linda's ability to capture a likeness of a loved one.

Debbie McKay
Debbie McKay.jpg


I am an aspiring artist thriving with a brush in hand.

Now a retired nurse I hunger to get paint on the canvas. 

Trapped in UAE I humbly thank Covid for my passion. Now 4 years in training I love to paint with acrylics and am fast leaning towards a looser style with earthy tones. 

Flowers are my love, but clouds are my dream. I hope one day to have them floating on large canvases, stand back, and feel proud. Blessed to have found paint. 

Rushanthi Herath.jpeg


Brisbane based mosaic artist, Rushanthi, has been creating modern, non-traditional and vibrant glass mosaics using self-taught techniques for the past 15 years. Rushanthi takes inspiration from our very own backyard. She incorporates the beautiful colours, shapes and patterns of the Australian landscape and nature into her mosaics to create beautiful, contemporary, meaningful and timeless pieces. Hundreds and thousands of pieces of stained glass, mirror and other natural materials (pebbles, shells, marble etc.) are arranged and re-arranged to create textured mosaics that radiate and reflect vibrant colours. She focuses on creating depth and dimension with various shapes and thicknesses to create one-of-a-kind and unique mosaics.


She believes in creating art that provoke deep thought and imagination and offer a visual and tangible experience. She is a firm believer that art communicates differently to each individual, which allows them to engage and connect to incite special meaning and interpretation by relating them to personal experiences. With this in mind she refrains from naming most of her art. 

Rushanthi hopes that the passion, detail and creativity that  she has put into each piece will be enjoyed by all that view her beautiful creations.


Janice Windolf


My journey into the visual and creative Arts started at a very early age. I have always loved Art and I had over the years continued my journey as an emerging Artist. I am the most passionate and the happiest when I am in
my creative space where I can relax and express myself. I enjoy painting in Acrylics the most and I have a fascination for painting more modern and contemporary styles such as Abstracts etc. The beauty of nature
inspires me such as plants, flowers and trees and there’s so much more. I am also into creating unusual and different styles of painting. Over the years I have done some watercolour paintings including oil paintings.
Recently I have enjoyed doing Acrylic paint pouring which I feel is fun and playful. I have an interest in music and I am also a singer and I  have done song writing too. My hobbies are walks in nature, gardening, cycling, crafts,
Yoga & Pilates and I enjoy dancing. I feel I am continually transforming and changing and learning new painting skills and I strive to be the highest version of myself which is the real me, spiritual, creative and artistic .

Irina Flueck Bendina


Irina is a late bloomer to art. In her formative years she studied architecture and academical drawing in Europe, which instilled in her form and perspective. Over the years she has lived her early life near the Black Sea before moving to Australia, firstly Darwin and then 9 years later to Brisbane. She loves to travel and her paintings reflect her previous life and her travel to include snow covered landscapes, visions of tropical Australia and European city scenes amongst others. Painting is now her pastime and her passion.

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Swapnil is an emerging Australian artist living in Brisbane, Australia, originally from the coastal town of Goa, India. Art has been Swapnil’s passion since childhood. He moved to Brisbane in 2001 to pursue further studies in advertising, design and IT and has worked in the corporate world for 10+ years. He quit his full time employment in 2017 to pursue his passion for art. Intrigued by nature he really enjoys capturing wildlife and landscapes, both on canvas and on his camera. For him it is a lot more than just painting a pretty picture. He spends a lot of time in nature amongst flora and fauna to experience and capture the mood of the moment that he can translate into works of art. He predominantly works with oil colours and creates his artwork with realistic intricate details to bring the story of nature to life as he experienced it. He has been a finalist at Lethbridge 10000 Small Scale Art Awards, Brisbane Rotary Art Spectacular, Petite Pieces, Stanthorpe Art Prize and has won awards at our local Brookfield Show. More of his art and photography can be viewed on his website

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Swapnil Nevgi
Gayle Fleming
Gayle Fleming.jpg


Born in Sydney, I have had a lifelong interest in drawing and painting. I have spent the last 40 years living in Brisbane. Since retiring I have found time to create a garden which I am inspired to paint. I am a gardening artist or the reverse, I’m not sure. Self taught, my media is mainly acrylic paint and ink. Experimenting in new techniques and materials so as to find my “style”, happy to change so as to develop. The subject matter I enjoy to paint is Still Life, the natural world around me and my relationship to it. Capturing
that something unique that I observe, and bring light and shade into the work. So important in making it real. Each painting is special to me. My hope is, my work will take you somewhere different, make you feel and think afresh and then appreciate it.

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Cathy Godwin is a Brisbane based artist who uses an eclectic selection of materials and techniques to create her 2D and 3D artworks.
She has always been attracted to acrylic painting, and as of the last 15 years has worked a lot in sculptural representation combining weaving, ceramics and recycled\reused materials. Cathy’s artworks explore various ways of presenting her ideas of place and our relationship within place. Her particular focus is that of Moreton Bay and she has built a series of images both 3D and 2D that explore that theme. The character which repeatedly appears in both her sculptural and painted works represents our connection to the flora and fauna of the environment. Cathy’s sculptural works take on an anthropomorphic aspect making the connections complete.



Kathryn’s artwork reflects a vibrant contemporary style full of colour and texture.  Her main medium is acrylics, however she uses many different products and techniques to create each individual piece. Each artwork is influenced by adventures and happenings from the past and present, mixed with dreams and imagination of the future. 

Kathryn has been creating and painting on and off all her life. She has been involved with fashion design and screen printing of fabrics as well as exhibiting in art shows in North Qld and Brisbane over the years. “I am always learning and discovering new techniques when I’m creating an artwork. Everyday is a good day when I can paint”.

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