Featured Artist - Sondra Taylor

This is your last chance to see our Featured Artist, Sondra Taylor, whose exhibition 'Abstract Expressions' is on display in the gallery now until Saturday June 25th 2022. Call into the gallery to see Sondra's fabulous work in person.

Sondra Taylor has scribbled, drawn, and painted since childhood where she lived in a small rural community for many years and embraced her love of nature, its colours, and poetic imagery.

Sondra's process involves using mixed media techniques pushing the creative process boundaries to produce art inspired by nature, seeking the positive soul and spirits. The main focus of her art is to bring joy and inspire others by transferring energy through the use of vibrant colours and connections with nature.


Choosing turquoises, blues, greens, magenta, pinks and reds along with white, to create neutrals Sondra's process involves inks, acrylics, stencils, charcoals, oil pastels and spray paint to create layers, finally finishing with an oil to make the colours sing. Sondra is a painter who enjoys dancing the paint around the canvas to create spontaneous strokes and movement. 


"Art is a reminder of how busy and chaotic our lives become.  We need to keep that brush moving for our mental health, with the promise of a bright future. Never underestimate the power of your art as a catalyst for positive change”.

Raised in a small rural township surrounded by fields and wild forests, Sondra had a free childhood enjoying nature. She has had careers as a Social Worker / Teacher and Guidance Counsellor, specialising in art therapy.  She has worked in the Design area for home décor.

Later in life she studied Design and art. She has attended workshops by Australian artists David Taylor, Amanda Hyatt and overseas U.K. tutors, Ann Blockley and Jean Haines. She has exhibited at RQAS, Brookfield, Art West and entered the Lethbridge Landscape Prize.


Sondra has been inspired by artists such as the Impressionists and Helen Frankenthaler, Kadinsky, Jason Pollock, Joan Mitchell, William de Kooning, Scott Naismith and Betty Franks Krause.

Her future plans include setting up an online art tutoring course, focussing on health and art therapy.  Sondra has been an avid supporter of Zephyr and various cancer charities.

Her favourite saying is:  “SHINE YOUR ART AND CHANGE THE WORLD”

'Abstract Expressions' by Sondra Taylor


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