In our location next to Big W within the Mount Ommaney Centre,  our new exhibition No 27 is  now showing . Come and see us. The openness of the Gallery will surprise and you'll be amazed by the diversity and quality of the artworks.

This is a small sample of the fabulous 2D and 3D artworks from our coming Exhibition at Mt Ommaney. We'd love to see you browse all of our works. 


Works range from tiny to gigantic to fit any space in your home. Beautify your home or office with a piece from one of our talented artists. A wide range of media is used to create these works: - oils, acrylic, watercolour, ink, lino cuts, pastel, new media imagery, metal, timber, glass, clay, encaustic, textile together with found and recycled materials. Some artists have exhibited overseas and in Australia, with some works in private collections. Artists exhibit landscapes, streetscapes, seascapes, portraits, abstracts, flowers and many other subjects. Some will make you smile, others take your breath away.

Tish Hays - Tropical Light. Blues, aqua and greens water and coral.
Sue Burton - Passionate Romance. pink flowers with greenery
Amanda Wildie_Fallen Beauty.j Multi coloured Autumn leavespg
Bright_Lesley_27_Shark Bay WA  Topograpical view.
Marie Kennedy - Amigos para siempre. Two brightly coloured parrots
Bright_Lesley_27_ Dreaming of the Nullabor topographical view
Sue Burton - Its A Wattle Afternoon.jpg
Jacqui Cousins - Landscape  with sky, trees and water - realistic
Tish Hays - Secret Garden. pink lilac and cram flowers with foliage and sky.
Kathryn Hampson - Space Gems.jabstract of egg shaped objects in various colours.
Kathryn Hampson - Dragon Eggs. Multi coloured eggs shapes in pinks, reds and aqua
Gillian Fahey - Tropical Paradise. green and yellow palm leaves
JHealey -  Shark Bay.jpg beach landscapw with palm tree to the left.
Jacqui Cousins - Tasmanian Landscape.jpg tree on either side ofwater with mountains in the background.
Amanda Wildie_Hope Eternal.jpg Candle fame right with fruit and dark background.
Malcolm Stirling - Are you my Mother.jpg two penguins, one a juvenile,on ice and snow  on ice
Diane Woods Floral Medley.jpeg Multi coloured flowers
Rhonda Knight - True Blue.JPG koala and joey in tree fork. green background
Guinevere McBride RedScarf.jpeg Winter street scene
guinevere McBride Dressed for Dinner.jpe poodle head with multi=coloured background
Rochy Miller - Zebras in the Dust. - Cop
Gillian Fahey - Yellow Car.jpg Multi coloured angled lined background
Malcolm Stirling - Morming in the Mountains high rocky mountain range in browns and blue.
Rochy Miller - Deer.jpg front of young roebuck.
Tropical Paradise.jpg blue parrot with strelitza and other tropical plants
Dubvraka -  Shell Fossil.PNG in black and grey.
Kim Blackshaw - Venice.jpg black and light grey lino print
JHealey -  Old Fishing Boat. On lake with tree greenery reflections
Kim Blackshaw - Butterfly.jpg Reduction print in blues with red green and orange flowers.
Rhonda Knight - True Blue.JPG
Diane Woods Flowers in her Hair.jpeg Female torso dressed in black with large multi floral headpiece
Chris Boulsover - Bunty Loves Wool.jpg Stylised  black and white cat with red and greed balls of wool
Chris Boulsover - Bunty Loves Cake.jpg Black and white stylised cat with 3 pieces of decorated cake
David Ladley - landscape HR.j Slopinin hill water in foeground, sky and tree in backgroundpg
Wendy Kaye - Early Morning Dew.jpg Five pink trumpet like flowers
Di weingott - Riding High.jpeg topographical view of a surfer on a wave
Wendy Kaye - Moods.jpeg blue abstract
Gaye McKay - The Two of Us.jpg Male a female birds with light freen foliage
Gaye McKay.jpg Owl in muted tones ona branch
Di Weingott - Pelican.jpeg Pelican with reflected pink and aqua on wings on water
AnnandaleJames#27Summerblooms.jpg three red close petalled flowers on a mute green background
Charlene Atwell-Three Little Guinea Pigs predominantly white withblack and light tan markings
Robyn Carr - Tawny Frogmouth.jpeg on branch with abstracted background in tones of aqua, tan pink and yellow
Wendy Moore - Simpsons Gap.jpg close view of orange and brown cliffs with water between.
quietitalianstreet-urbanowicz-01.jpg tones of pale olive and purple
Meghana-Wagholikar_004_A-Lonely-Tree_ Trees in a misty forest with on dominant solitaty tree
Iannandalejames#27Spring has Sprung.jpg five petalled red forwer with yellow stamen on black background
Nikki Wouters - Among the gums -.jpeg Multi coloured semi abstract landscapw with trees and hillock
Robyn Carr - Three Fairy Wrens.jpeg on a branch with light green foliage
Meghana-Wagholikar_002_The-Spit_WEB.jpg Water, rocks and people
Wendy Moore - Cockatoo colour.jpg Sulphur crested cockatoo
Nikki WoutersFae Child.jpg female head and torso vivid colours
Charlene ATwell African Big 5.JPG heads of rhino, elephand, bison, leopard and lion on a muted blue green and yellow background
Lyn Fairlie - Wave.png blue and green wave curling towards the shore
LynFairlie - Water lilies.jpeg bamboo water pipe, foliage and pink water lilies
Jenny Hooper - Imagination's Spark.Dark background with vivid circles of colour and oblique slashes of colour.
Jenny-Hooper - Vente a Emporter  Street vendor in Paris
Lydia Drabsh -Sliver_of_Hope. Dark background with small sparkles of light and a bright diagonalfloating snail shape.

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