In our location next to Big W within the Mount Ommaney Centre,  the Art West Prize Exhibition is opening on 17 May.  Come and see us. The openness of the Gallery will surprise and you'll be amazed by the diversity and quality of the artworks.

This is a small sample of the fabulous 2D and 3D artworks from our coming Exhibition at Mt Ommaney. We'd love to see you browse all of our works. 


Works range from tiny to gigantic to fit any space in your home. Beautify your home or office with a piece from one of our talented artists. A wide range of media is used to create these works: - oils, acrylic, watercolour, ink, lino cuts, pastel, new media imagery, metal, timber, glass, clay, encaustic, textile together with found and recycled materials. Some artists have exhibited overseas and in Australia, with some works in private collections. Artists exhibit landscapes, streetscapes, seascapes, portraits, abstracts, flowers and many other subjects. Some will make you smile, others take your breath away.

Royal Blue Bowl - Mixed Media - Dubravka Zirojevic. Dark vase with a lighter band near the top  with pale flowers and leavesJPG
Sue Burton_Mystic blue.jpg Forest scene, semi abstact in blue and pale yellow with two trees in the left foreground
Eclipsed by the Little Black Box -Mixed Media - Dubravka Zirojevic. Abstract of squares of different dark colours with small black and cream shpes within.JPG
'You are my sunshine' by Marie Kennedy.jpg side viwe of a girl in a striped dress and straw hat holding a bunch of sunflowers
Fiona Dixon - Thelma.jpg Quirky female figure, red dress , purple hair and large glasses on an oln stlye, aqua potorbike
Shaun Connolly - Native Home.jpg  Red Bees in an opening in a tree split.
Strong, Peaceful, Beautiful by Marie Kennedy.jpg Horse head facing the viewer
JACQUI COUSINS-LITTLE TREE HUGGER.jpg Child in blue srt and jeans lying on a fallen tree trunk
The fig and the cycad SMHouse 2022.jpg Delicate landscape in pinks,, green and blue
LYNFAIRLIE_RainbowBeeEater.JPGin a pale green and yellow soft background
Marta Blaszak - Australian Lemon Bottlebrush.jpg
Dancing in the Cosmos  -  Julie Stirling jpg. three brown leaves moving  against a blue and purple background.
Rochy Miller - Just Moving Forward.jpg Lion paddling through water
Into the Deep - Christina Davidsson.JPG Study in blue tones of three dolphins
Delma Brunello - Tropicana.JPG. Abract of aqua shapes against apink, yellow blue and green backgroundt a
Pink-Cluster-LR-by-Jeanne-Cotter-2022.jpg Pale pink gum flower s with leaves and gumnuts.
Colin Creek by Anna Ballarin.JPG Pastel andscape with  green, lemon and blue trees and a darker green bank.
Amy Dupuy - Bird of paradise (1).jpg with a bird of paradise flower
Fiona  Dixon - Mademoiselle D'Amour.jpg Ceramic womanina flouned slim fitting red dress
Lesley Bright_Coral Drift 2.jpg
Wayne Boyle_Mates.jpg Watercolour image of two boys with fishing rods and bikes.
Malcolm Stirling - Kirra Crash.jpg Alomg wave crashing on the beach with a seagull on a rock in the right foregreound
Bill Duffield Reflections.jpeg.Sky moountains and forground reflected in water
Di Cox Escape IMG_2315.jpeg Waves breaking in aqua and blue and pale sand
D-COX_061_Sunkissed_WEB.  Multicoloured Hydrangeas grouped together with sky and leavesjpg
Rochy Miller - Zebras in the Dust.jpg
 - Wayne Boyle. jpeg Old homestead aith driveway and fence
Sue Burton_Bush Music.jpg Semi-abstract trees and sky.
Amanda Hayes_Passage of Time.jpg Clock  with hands on a alcohol ink abstract f
Amanda Hayes_Time to Dream.jpg Clock on an alcohol ink square
Lesley Bright_Magpies Dreaming  Two magpies on a dotted indigenous pattern2.jpg
Marta Blaszak - I love Gum Flowers.jpg
Heb_Peters-Lady_of_leisure.jpg Surrealistportrait of a woman on open book cover and detached han, detached hand holdiing wine glass on a muted green and blue background
David Ladley. Old Brookfield Dairy.jpg
David Ladley. Last Light.jpg Old farbhouse with cattle: blue mountains, sunset sky
Brisbane through the 'burbs - Bernadette McConville.jpg Older homes in the foregroound with high rise buildings in far background
Black-backed Jackal - Bernadette McConville.jpg
Amie Dupuy Inner Peace.jpg Pink waterlillies on greenish water and a mauve sky
Stairway to Success #2 - Christina Davidsson  Semi abstract with stone wall belw and reddish yellow abive a man running uo stais  -side view(1).PNG
Home in the Treetops Susan Butler.jpeg Lorikeet
Afternoon sun-catcher SMHouse 2022.jpg Flowers with a red glow with pale green surrounds
Morning Melody Susan Butler.jpeg Magpie on a fence post singing
Butterflies are Free.jpg $ Irises and one butterfly on a pale background.
AAA Marching into an Alien Landscape .jpg Under a sky of purple and orange are black fiures marching from the left into water that is yellow.
'It takes a village' by Kim Blackshaw.jpg aprint ofhiils, trees and houses and a church in black dotting the landscape.
'Early in the morning' by Kim Blackshaw.jpg Ona background are  yellow circles and in the foregrounf are lollypop tress' some extending into the sky.
Emma Blakey - Honeycomb.jpg Portrait of a female head surrounded by bees
Chris Jannides Buddha in Hats.png On a white, yellow and aqua background are three jolly buddahs, each with a different hat.
South Australian Gum - M Turner.jpg  Large gum in the foreground against sky and middle ground
Emma Blakey - Grow.jpg female fairy in a crouched position against a green and blue background

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Irena AnnandaleJames_RIVER on FIRE.jpeg fireworkson the Story Bridge reflected in the Brisbane River
Irena AnnandaleJames.Beyond Blue Eyes.jpeg Male portrait in blue tones with orange highlight
John Chadwick. -jpg Pelican soaring over a tumuly of waves and rocks with a pale lemon and pink sky.
John Chadwick - Fearless.jpg  Waves crashing against a rocky outcrop on which is abuilding
Rachel oliveri - bronze nude.jpeg
Sondra Taylor_Botanical Vibes DIPTRICH.jpg
Sondra Taylor_Eucalyptus Vibes.jpg

Many more stunning pieces in the Gallery.Have coffee with friends
then explore the artworks  for a morning out.

Woman Drinking Coffee
Wendy Moore  - Ukraine.jpg A Yellow foreground with sunflowers and a vivd blue sky
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