In our location next to Big W within the Mount Ommaney Centre,  our new exhibition No 29 is  opening Tuesday 7 September . Come and see us. The openness of the Gallery will surprise and you'll be amazed by the diversity and quality of the artworks.

This is a small sample of the fabulous 2D and 3D artworks from our coming Exhibition at Mt Ommaney. We'd love to see you browse all of our works. 


Works range from tiny to gigantic to fit any space in your home. Beautify your home or office with a piece from one of our talented artists. A wide range of media is used to create these works: - oils, acrylic, watercolour, ink, lino cuts, pastel, new media imagery, metal, timber, glass, clay, encaustic, textile together with found and recycled materials. Some artists have exhibited overseas and in Australia, with some works in private collections. Artists exhibit landscapes, streetscapes, seascapes, portraits, abstracts, flowers and many other subjects. Some will make you smile, others take your breath away.

Nikki Wouters Carous pink and aqua abstract
Melody_Mdmay 'Flowing peace' Brown background will grey and greentree base.jpg
Lisa Bagnell - Curved Wave.jpg Green sea, blue and green wave, pale blue sky
Blooms in Pink - Linda Bridges threes pink flowers.jpg
 Strelitza- Gaye McKay.jpg Strelitza and leaves
Linda Bridges - Magnolias.jpg white flowers with leaves against a dark background
Melody Coombes 'Bow to the Storm'.jpg Stormy sky and greengey foreground
Bill Duffiels - Confluence.jpeg Yellow and pink background with dark patches
12. And There You Are Marta Blaszak png turtle with zebra fish.
21. On A Sunny Sunday Afternoon Marta Blaszak .jpg Gumnuts and leaves
Annette - Tranquility.jpg beach with green and blue sea and pale blue sky
Hard Day's Night- Malcolm Stirling.jpg three drovers around a campfire
Robyn Carr, Triple Treat.jpeg three girls balances on the edge of an old bath in the outdoors.
Sunset landing No 29 Exhibit John Chadwick No2.JPG pelican landing on red sand at sunset
Nikki Wouters Pathways.jpeg Abstract in blues, green and pink.
Wayne Boyle_Climbing the Wall.jpeg pink flowers on a trellis against a brick wall.
Wayne Boyle_Coombah Falls.jpg Water falling over rocks with trees.
image_6483441-3.jpeg Brightly coloured hen in bright green grass
Rhonda Knight_Green Forest.JPG landscape in green tomes with a white waterfall
Sky-High-Afternoon-by-Jeanne-Cotter-2021. aerial view of a beach with water, sand and treesjpg
Rhonda Knight_King Koi.JPG Blue, brown and orange fish
Moffat-Rocks-by-Jeanne-Cotter-LR.jpg Water, rocks and morning sky
Marie Kennedy - RED DOOR.jpg red door, welcome may,sandstone house with flowers
Lisa Bagnell - Big Wave.jpg large blue and green wave with spray
Sea of Flowers-Lara .jpg blue bubbled water with brown and pink flowers floating
Marie Kennedy - Koala.jpg koala relaving in fork of a tree
Teardrops - Christine Boulsover.jpg brown, purple and white onions
Well Worn by Anna Ballarin.jpeg Old redshoes without laces on tree stump
Bill Duffield - Exploration1.jpeg Abstract landscape in yellow, green , grey and white with black accents
Chris Jannides 'dancing mannequin & reflections'.jpg composite images in gold, blue and white against a dark background.
susan_segal_breaker.jpg large blue wave with foam and yellow highlight
Yellow Frangipani Mt-Bette Inglis.jpeg white frangipannis among other brightly coloured flowers.
Fence in Perspective by Anna Ballarin.jpeg close up og an old fence and hinge in greens, purple and orange.
The Earlier Bird.jpg two kookarurras, one with worm with red grevilleas.
Seedy Sensations - Christine Boulsover.jpg three pomegranites one with seeds
Purple Haze - Lara.jpg Abstract in cream and pink with darker highlights.
Chris Jannides 'mannequins with antlers'.jpg 4 mannequins heads with tree shadows looking like antlers.

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