Featured Artist - Di Cox

Our Featured Artist is Di Cox, whose work is on display in the gallery now until Saturday May 15th 2021. Call into the gallery to see her fabulous work in person.
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Vivid Expressions In Nature


When I paint, it’s about the now: it is exhilarating to be in the mode of creating. I typically have no plan other than putting paint to canvas and responding intuitively to what evolves. I thrive on that freedom – perhaps it’s my rebellious nature, after years of toeing the line… school, Uni, getting a ‘real’ job!


My art is my escape: there are no rules, no rights or wrongs.


There’s just me, the paint, and the canvas.


I draw on what I know: the places I’ve been, my life experiences. And I draw on my years of creative experience. I have always had a ‘good eye’ – for colour, for design, for the aesthetically pleasing.

And I paint what I know: my love of country, of nature, of colour. Inherently, I am also influenced by contemporary issues such as climate change and societal distractions, such as the likes of this ‘unprecedented’ Covid.


And from that I create unique, intuitive landscapes, florals, abstracts. Some have a message; some are just to distract me, and you, from the woes of the world.


I am an intuitive design artist that creates art that not only looks good, but is also good for the soul.


Mount Ommaney Shopping Centre       |      artwestcommunitygallery@gmail.com

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