Featured Artist - Luba Protsan

Our Featured Artist is Australian animal artist Luba Protsan, whose work is on display in the gallery now until Saturday October 30th 2021. Call into the gallery to see Luba's fabulous work in person.

Originally I came from a quiet Western Ukrainian city near Carpathian Mountains. Being a child I enjoyed watching for hours my dad’s creative process who is graphic artist.

Due to economic crisis in Ukraine in the 90-ies I decided to move to Moscow, huge megapolis, which seemed full of opportunities. After I graduated with honours as a graphic designer from Moscow Social Academy, my dream came true. A long visa application process lead my family to Australia! I immediately felt that this was the land I always loved. In contrast with depressing city smog of Moscow, colours looked so vivid here that it was hard to believe they were real! The reality was far from paradise though. I went through many obstacles adjusting to Australian community.

Apart from standard migrant’s problems like mastering English language and trying to find new friends and a place in the society, I struggled with my son’s health issues. Having no chance to pursue my own career I decided to fight the negative experience by making colourful paintings of Australian nature. I believe that painting helps people to grow personally and overcome difficult times by focusing on the bright side.

According to my deep belief, the destiny can be changed by making art. Even mature materialist thinkers couldn’t deny the fact that human life acts mostly in the mind. And the quality of life depends a lot from a mind content, which consists from the little details that we put our attention to. 


Charmed by impressionist inventions, I share their point to keep key message as simple as possible. There is no hidden meaning because I want to give my paintings their own voice, their own life, to let them speak directly to the viewer, without necessity of reading extra text.


My level of painting allows me to make any subject realistically. However, I try to avoid copying on non-living electronic vision. I tend to show objects more like human point of view, showing or hiding details, depending on interest. As references I’m using travel photos of my friend. Sometimes, one painting requires up to 20 photos to show exactly the impression that I want. 


The main topic of my paintings is Australian animals. I think, nature teaches us empathy, because it requires to accept dissimilar forms of life. So, In my art I try to focus people’s attention to things which seem important to me. I mean, things that should make us happy and, of course, more kind.


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