Featured Artist - Rochy Miller

Our Featured Artist is Rochy Miller, whose work is on display in the gallery now until Saturday March 13th 2021. Call into the gallery to see her fabulous work in person.

Africa is in my soul. 


From my birth, until my emigration to Australia in 1991, visits to the game reserve were an integral part of my life in South Africa. There is nothing more exhilarating than watching two hundred elephants emerge from crossing the river, walking directly past your vehicle - so close you can reach out and touch them. Or having lions circling your open safari vehicle - their mates and cubs marching down the road ahead of you.


So,  it is fairly inevitable that my paintings depict Africa’s wildlife.


I love the strength of the big cats, empathy of the elephants and quirkiness of the zebras and giraffes.

I love the soulful eyes that look back from the canvas.

I love their personalities.


I am largely self-taught, and the lack of formal education in art leads me to experiment, using a mix of mediums, colours and styles. The roughness of the charcoal and pastels and inks I play with works so well with the rough beauty and colour of these creatures.


I have worked in the medical field all my adult life - where every decision carried consequences, and every action required consideration. My art is the antithesis of this. No decision is important - no action has life-threatening consequences. Errors are simply wiped out, drawn over or re-invented in a different format.


I love the freedom to just play with paint, until it feels - and looks - right.

This creative freedom is liberating - and the pleasure in producing these images, so filled with character and innate beauty - is compelling.


It evokes the Africa that is in my soul.


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