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Artist's Profiles

Click on the images of our artists to see some of their artworks
Christine Boulsover Bio 2022_edited.jpg

Christine Boulsover - Growing up in the United Kingdom Chris always loved to draw and paint but it was only after moving to Australia in the 70’s that art became more of a focus for her and she studied Commercial Illustration at Queensland College of Art, subsequently working as a Layout Artist designing print media advertisements for MYER (Qld). Chris has since gained a Bachelor of Visual Arts (QCA) and a Graduate Diploma Arts Adminstration (QUT).

Di Cox.jpg

Di Cox - When I paint, it’s about the now: it is exhilarating to be in the mode of creating. I typically have no plan other than putting paint to canvas and responding intuitively to what evolves. I thrive on that freedom – perhaps it’s my rebellious nature, after years of doing what was expected of me … school, Uni, getting a ‘real’ job!

My art is my escape: there are no rules, no rights, nor wrongs. There’s just me, the paint, and the canvas.

Judy Hamilton - A ceramic sculptor, Judy likes to work with maleable clay.Line and form are critical.Though often appearing comical,her sculptures tell stories that frequently have a deeper meaning than first appears. Judy i, but has exhibited in London, Melbourne, Sydney, Townsville and Brisbane. She originally trained as a specialist art teacher, but developed her career as a ceramic artist in Melbourne. Her approach is original, often using unorthodox materials.

Perrin Millard.jpg

Perrin Millard - For over 30 years Perrin Millard has had an interest in different art mediums, including lead lighting, silversmithing, printing, drafting, life drawing, and painting. For the past 12 years Perrin has extensively pursued formal and in-formal learning intertwining both traditional and academic training, including the completion of a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2018, where she achieved three academic awards, and completed an Honours program achieving an (Hon 1) in 2021 at the Queensland College of Arts, Griffith University.


Jude Pittard - With her art Jude endeavours to display and capture emotion, movement and theme employing various textures in most often imaginative abstract form, using acrylic, mixed media and pastel. Brushes and knives are used as well as bare hands at times. My aim is to draw the viewer's eye to the canvas where I begin my journey with enthusiasm, uncertain whrere it will lead me.

Glenys Throssell.jpg

Glenys Throssell - Glenys is an intuitive abstract artist who works from her home studio in leafy Brisbane. Working in a variety of mediums from acrylic, ink, texture to sculpture, Glenys finds inspiration and beauty from patterns in the natural world. Colourful, naive, pointallism, quirky and abstract... are a few of the ways Glenys' artwork has been described. 

You can follow Glenys' artistic journey on Instagram at glenys_throssell 

Malcolm Stirling - He has been involved in painting since his retirement, fulfilling a dream held  for a number of years before that.  Malcolm works in oils on board, enjoying their texture and feel when applying them to a surface. His deep love of nature is reflected in most of his works. In some works he has enjoyed the playful aspect of fantasy, creating an imaginary golf hole or landscape.

Y ogaki Self.png

Yukari Ogaki - Yukari has always loved painting from being a small child. she has not been trained as a painter. Yukari is self-taught, experimenting with mediums, materials and skills. She had years when she didn't paint at all but is now enjoying painting again. Her art has been influenced by the beauty of Japanese taste.

Harriet Posner - Harriet's contemporary paintings are unique. Her "calligraphic" marks dance, swirling with exhuberance across the canvas or paper. There is no one way to read her pieces as each viewer will interpret the marks very differently. She is a mid career artist having exhibited with galleries  across Queensland, Sydney, and Melbourne. Harriet's works are numerous in in private and corporate collections in Australia and overseas.

Glenise Clelland.jpg

Clenise Clelland - I am a contemporary Queensland visual artist with over 35 years of exhibiting at major art galleries in Australia and overseas. I studied Fashion Design at The Brisbane College of Art (now Queensland University of Technology.)  In 1976 I won the Queensland Fashion Awards and for the next 15yrs designed hundreds of Bridal Gowns for Australian brides.  I also received an Enterprising Woman Award from the (then) Governor of Queensland Quentin Bryce. 

Irena Annandale-James.jpg

Irena Annandale-James - Irena Annandale-James is a Polish-Australian, who resided 22 years in Colorado, USA, where she  became an American citizen and gained an Associates Degree (High Honours) in Graphic Design and Pre-Press. She rekindled her love of art on  her return to Australia, where she attended numerous courses with well known artists.    Vibrant colours have always warmed her soul and she endeavours to bring that warmth into her paintings.

Sue DesBrosses.png

Sue DesBrosses is an experienced designer who takes photographs and paints to further explore the world around her. Sue’s knowledge of design and aesthetics informs every composition where she considers shape, colour, balance, contrast and harmony.

‘Photography and painting are meditative practices, which enable me to truly ‘see’ what’s in front of me.’

Marie Kennedy_edited.jpg

Marie Kennedy - Marie's artist ambition is to make paintings which cause positive emotions in the viewer. She experiences joy and mental relaxation whilst making her art. It is her natural way of chilling out, and escaping from her working life.

Marie uses either soft pastels or acrylic paint. when she sees a subject to paint, she has a vibe that tells her which medium to use. It is exciting to see a painting evolve by changing decisions if needed. this freedom is exciting. 

David Ladley - David is an artist of thirty years experience. After completing a business career as Creative Director of a major advertising agency, he now concentrates on painting. David has painted in the USA, England, New Zealand and of course Australia. He is former President of the Royal Queensland Art Society, Gold Coast. He has held numerous solo exhibitions with many paintings now in private collections. New paintings can be commissioned.

Andrea Moser-Rieneker - Andrea, a contemporary artist, has traveled and lived in Europe giving her early exposure to contemporary and classical European art, allowing her the opportunity to indulge a love of colour and design. Experimenting with different mediums, techniques and styles display her love of texture and mark making. Andrea works with acrylics, water colour, ink, collage and encaustic medium. Portraying experiences, concepts and feelings evolves until the dialogue between colour, form and space is resolved.

Yvonne Bouwman - Yvonne is a ceramic artist with forty-five year's experience. In recent years she has become fascinated with the vibrant colours and rich textures of the Australian Landscape. she is represented in permanent collections internationally.  Her ceramics have been presented as gifts to overseas dignitaries by the Queensland government. Twenty years ago she extended her creative skills to include painting, studying at the Brisbane Institute of Art. 

Lyn Fairlie.jpg

Lyn Fairlie - Art was a thing  Lyn did until her forties.and played with acrylics creating a few paintings. In 1956 I was dabbling with acrylic pours when a friend asked her whether she had considered spray painting. she sent 

Lyn some of her paintings and suggested some You Tube clips which piqued her interest. She bought a couple of cans of spray, some glossy poster-board and experimented. that was the beginning of an obsession. She is now confident developing her own concepts. Lyn and spray just gelled and now she can't imagine not doing it.

Rachel torepe.jpg

Rachael Torepe - Rachael has always used art and craft as an outlet from everyday life. When she discovered clay, it was like being a child again immersed in mud or squishing playdough in her hands. Rachel uses hand building and moulds to create her work, rather than throwing on the wheel. She loves experimenting with different decorations, glazing and firing.

Marta Blaszac.jpg

Marta Blaszak-  Marta has a Bachelor of Interior Architecture from Germany, and diploma of Visual Art from Bremer TAFE, Ipswich.

she is an active member of the Somerset Art Society, the Boonah Art Society, and volunteers at Logan Art Gallery. 

Marta also conducts workshops from her studio.

Lisa Bagnell.png

Lisa Bagnell - Lisa's love of creation led to studies in Biology any and geology. A curiosity for the Creator's Heart of loving Generosity complete her life's pursuits. Learning to paint in 2014 helped compensate for the loss of the ability to read and write after mental illness completely changed her life.

Her outlook on life is positive and her life is, by necessity, very simple. Painting allows Lisa to express herself and invites the viewers to interpret the pieces for themselves

Susan Segal (1) - Copy.png

Susan Segal  - At the age of 14 Susan salvaged an old Brownie Box camera that was destined  for the tip. Her mother donated a roll of monochrome film which began a passion for photography.Mostly a self taught artist, Susan paints in a predominantly realistic style, favouring architectural images, although, over the last two years, has ventured into a totally abstract stle of flow art. Rwcwntly she has begun experimenting with alcohol inks to produce artworks with a more ethereal quality.

Anna Ballarin.jpeg

Anna Ballarin - As a teenager Anna  drew constantly and painted in oils. After a  30 year gap for family, She restarted her career using charcoal and pastels. Anna immediaty loved the feel of pastel in her hand and on the paper. She senses no separation  between the medium and herselfwhen painting with pastel. She experiment with different ways oaking texture. Inspiration is taken from Nature, especially the beaches of northern New South Wales, selling several works of this area.

Bernadette Mc Conville.png

Bernadette McConville - Bernadette has painted as far back as she can remember..  Her favourite medium is oil, loving the way it gives time for movement and to blend and develop depth of colour. In between works in oil, she draws with pastel and paints in watercolour. She particularly enjoys the softness that pastels rings to he work. Bernadette's subject matter varies. She paints landscapes and animals.Still life is her favourite genre, but she has dabbled in portraiture. 

 She can be found  @Artdaft - which just about sums her up!

Screen Shot 2022-04-06 at 5.21.06 pm.png

Delma Brunello My interest is still movement and flow but I now work with acrylics as well as inks. Shapes of all sizes began to appear in my work and I saw that in a general way they represented life. People moving, soaring high, dancing, gathering together for fun and sometimes fighting. So- my shapes became people and my art intersected with psychology.

Di Cox
Di Cox

Whilst Cox's passion for art began as a child, it is only since 2010 that she has focused her energies back into art. Her art reflects the emotion and empathy that echoes her experiences a a mother, health professional, and a proud Aussie with country roots. Di's art celebrates colour and nature, both defining characteristics of her work.

"A country girl at heart, she revels in creativity that is not restricted by boundaries." Having begun her art practice in watercolours in 2010, she has, under the guidance of many local artists, developed a unique fusion of media; capturing the delicacy of watercolours in acrylics. Whilst she loves working with watercolours, she also adores the freedom of semi-abstract acrylic art, which gives her the opportunity to respond innately to the canvas.Her art displays an ethereal translucency, and captures her essence; a passionate gardener and homemaker. she strives to  create art that inspires her audience, providing an escape to a place of calm and beauty.

Awards: 2014 -17 finalist Lethbridge 10,00 Small Scale Art Award

                2015-18 Finalist Brisbane Rotary Art Spectacular Gallery

To view Di's collection of works, visit:- or follow her virtual diary : or

Marta Blaszac

Marta Blaszac.jpg

Throughout her working life as an interior designer, She was always interested in Visual Art and after retiring from work, she completed a Diploma in Visual Art at Bremer TAFE in 2011.Since then Marta has exhibited in several membership exhibitions as a member of Logan Artist Association, Somerset Art Society and Boonah Art Society. As well as working as a volunteer at the Logan Art Gallery she has attended many of the different workshops they offer.

Marta has had several solo exhibitions through SASI Art at the Glenrock Gallery in Esk and is exhibiting with the Outside In art programs at St Vincent's Hospital and also at the Royal Women's Hospital.

For Several years Marta taught Acrylic Painting for adults and children at the Inala Art Gallery before starting her own art group from her art studio at Forest Lake.

Her art is mostly inspired by nature, the flora and fauna of the parklands and lake at forest Lake. Marta also paints images from ocean life when she joins her husband on hi boat trips around Moreton Bay.

Recently Marta discovered Fluid Acrylic pouring and now often combines this with her more realistic style. By combining both styles, her latest pieces capture and celebrate the unexpected, unique and sometimes  chaotic beauty of nature without trying to contain it.

Marta Blaszak
Marta B Australian Red Gum Blossoms.png
Marta b Yellow crested Cockatoo.jpg
Marta B What A Fluke.jpg
Marta B Friends Forever.jpg
Marta B Mr Percival.jpg
Malcolm Stirling

Malcolm Stirling

Malcolm has been involved in painting since his retirement, fulfilling a dream held  for a number of years before that.  Malcolm works in oils on board, enjoying their texture and feel when applying them to a surface. His deep love of nature is reflected in most of his works. In some works he has enjoyed the playful aspect of fantasy, creating an imaginary golf hole or landscape.

Jude Pittard

Jude Pittard

A desire to express herself at the easel by painting in abstract form has been within her heart and soul from a very young age. However, she has only been painting for gallery exhibitions as recently as  2010.  Jude often employs mixed media, acrylic and pastel for diverse texture, colour and visual interest endeavouring to capture emotion, varying textures and movement in different forms.  .

Marine Oddessy .jpg
Further Afield.JPG
Silver Linings.JPG
Andrea Moser-Rienecker

Andrea Moser-Rienecker

Andrea, a contemporary artist, has traveled and lived in Europe giving her early exposure to contemporary and classical European art, allowing her the opportunity to indulge a love of colour and design. Experimenting with different mediums, techniques and styles display her love of texture and mark making. Andrea works with acrylics, water colour, ink, collage and encaustic medium. Portraying experiences, concepts and feelings evolves until the dialogue between colour, form and space is resolved.

Rachael Torepe

Rachel torepe.jpg

Rachael finds experimenting with different  decorations, glazes and firing techniques exciting.  The use of bright colours or a mix of glazes gives an eye-catching effect. Earlier work included animals, abstract sculptures and using coral and flowers as decoration.

Recently I Rachael has ventured into making monsters as I find I can let my imagination run She is not limited to how many eyes or legs they have and monsters can be any colour.

Rachael also enjoys making succulent planters to appeal to the more practical person who want something functional. My love of succulents,( easy to grow and care for)for those without green thumbs  has influenced my planters. I  have moved on from coral and flower decorations to mini houses to further enhance the beauty of the plants.


Dog Totem Rachel Torepe.jpg
Coral Abstract Sculpture - Rachel Torepe_edited.jpg
Rachel torepe - totem pole.jpg
Rachael Torepe
David Ladley

David Ladley

David Ladley has won many awards since 1999 up to the present. His full list of Awards is on file at the desk in a folder. Below are his Awards of the last two years.

RQAS March2016 Theme Winner; RQAS 2016 People's Choice Award August & September; RQAS People's Choice Award 2016;

d'Arcy Doyle 2nd Prize Oil Landscape2016; RQAS GC ist prize Landscape Oil Big Art 2017; Muwillumbah Show 1st Prize Landscape Oil 2017; RQAS Brisbane People's Choice Award 2017; Royal Brisbane hospital Award 1st Prize 2017; Brookfield Show ist Prize Oils 2018; RQAS Overall Winner June 2018; Lions Art Show  Highly Commended 2018; RQAS Brisbane Annual Art Competition 1st Prize oil 2018; d'Arcy doyle 1st Prize Oils 2018.

paddington streetscape original art copyrighted
Water land trees copyrighted painting
painting cliffs, sea beach copyrighted
painting is orange tones Paddington house copyrighted
Granite Belt Farm  1st prize d'Arcy Doyle 2018
Bernadette McConville

Bernadette McConville

Bernadette Mc Conville.png

Bernatte McConville has painted  for as long as she can remember .She still possesses some of her art that dates back forty odd years..  Her favourite medium is oils, loving the way it performs giving her time for movement and to blend and develop depth and colour. In between works in oil, she draws with pastels and paints in watercolour. Bernadette especially enjoys the softness that pastels bring  to her work. - She always takes a pad and pastels on her travels. 

For several years during the 80's watercolours became her medium of choice to the extent that she became a member of the Pretoria-based Water Colour Society in South Africa. She appreciated the transparency and cleanliness of the medium, but as always, a return to oils was inevitable.

Her subject matter varies, painting landscapes and animals, with a special fondness for still life. Bernadette has recently tried portraiture,with success. She finds having a wide range of subject matter challenges her creativity and developes and improves technique. She is alwaysis on the lookout for a new and exciting project for her easel.

You'll find her at @Artdaft - which just about sums her up.


paddock and cow Bernadette.png
boy child  Bernadette.png
cherries crop Bernadette.png
still life Bernadette.png
Susan Segal

Susan Segal

Susan Segal (1) - Copy.png

At the age of 14. Susan salvaged an old Box Brownie destined for the tip. Her mother generously donated a roll of monochrome film. And so.  began a lifetime passion for photography. Having studied photography thirty years ago with a SLR camera with film, Susan had a good grounding in all the principles of photography. Over twenty years ago she bought her first digital camera and has since progressed through an endless series of models as the technology improved over time. Susan's style can be described as "Chiaroscuro"; the play of light an shadow using black and white. Four years ago She bought her first Drone and, whilst travelling extensively, has enjoyed the opportunity it provides to capture images from a very different perspective.

Early in life Susan showed an aptitude for drawing and her first career was as a draughtswoman. Through the years she continued studying, learning computer aided drafting and Lighting Design; ultimately graduating as an Illumination Engineer over twenty years ago.

Mostly a self taught artist, Susan paints in a predominantly realistic style, favouring archictural images. However over the last two years she has ventured into a tottally abstract style of acrylic flow art. Recently she has begun experimenting with alcohol inks to produce artworks with a more ethereal quality.

15 years ago Susan designed and created her own website



Susan spiral staircase - Copy.png
Susan Segal face - Copy.png
susan wave - Copy.png
susan Segal nebula - Copy.png

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