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  Our new location is between Mitre 10 and Cafe Bliss, within Kenmore Village Shopping Centre, 9 Brookfield Road.  Come and see us, the new gallery is now open.

This is a small sample of the fabulous 2D and 3D artworks from our new Exhibition at Kenmore Village.

We'd love to see you browse all of our works. 


Works range from tiny to gigantic to fit any space in your home. Beautify your home or office with a piece from one of our talented artists. A wide range of media is used to create these works: - oils, acrylic, watercolour, ink, lino cuts, pastel, new media imagery, metal, timber, glass, clay, encaustic, textile together with found and recycled materials. Some artists have exhibited overseas and in Australia, with some works in private collections. Artists exhibit landscapes, streetscapes, seascapes, portraits, abstracts, flowers and many other subjects. Some will make you smile, others take your breath away.

Purple Jug with Flowers - Front - Dubravka Zirojevic  Green wall,, cream table, pale pink flowers
ochy Miller.Head and shoulders of young leopard
Old Time - Christina Davidsson. abstract of squares and rectangles in muted  textures colourscolours
Lesley Bright_Boris Cockatoo ( blue cockatoo with yellow speckles
Malcolm Stirling - Dawn at the Opera. Surise over Stdney Opers House with pale sky, shades of blie
Di Cox Wildfire  Brown horse rearing on a pale lemon background
Double Trouble-Di Weingott. Two red cockatoos semi absracted in flowinf red
'Poppy' by Kim Blackshaw. oversized Red poppy with smaller poppies against a blue skyand apale grey building
Paul Benseman_ Colour Returns to the City  Photograph ofLondon alley with people and walss with colouredpeople and graffiti
Understory Plants. shes of large, geen leaves on a grey background
Hans Olsen - black and white photographof Venetion gondolas with a recoloured yello sky and buildings
Garden party Kim Blackshaw. Blues and deep red abstract flowers with a white abstracted flower outline
Photo for #34_edited.jpg Hand painted china ornament and square plate
Colour me Autumn - Gay McKay. Tranquil muted bushland with creek and stones
Chris Jannides Jesus in hats & Buddha in a beret. with a bright yellow background
RUBY Di Weingott..vivid flowers in red and yellow in glass vase
Julie Mawson Modern Still Life Green and black background with dark bottle, white flowers and Orange stencil
Marta Blazac Gumnits in a circulay format
solstice light - Lesley Bright_edited.jpg
Shipwreck (S.S. Maheno)   Fraser Island (K'gari) by Marie Kennedy Exb#34.jpg
Persimmon & Lemon - Bernadette McConville.jpg
Wendy Moore Cambodian Temple.jpg Large grey head of a god with yellow temple and blue sky
Linda Olsen -Time to   Come home.jpg Swan with Cygnets
Toothed whale Study - Sperm Whale III.jpg
Riverside Barn - David Ladley. Idyllic country scene with small cottage
Malcolm Stirling - Down at the Opera.jpg
Irena Annandale-James  Dream Boat.jrowing boat  moored on sand with sea and sky all in muted colours
Irena AnnandaleJames_InFullBloom.jpg red flower with yellow pollen
Christine Boulsover - Ms Merganser duck grooming in back feather againstsky and long green grass
Home Sweet Home Christina Davidsson.jpg Textured black and gold leaf semi abstract
Carole Kompenhans _ White Rock  Large and smaller rocks with sky background and frame by two gum trees
spiked (w)Heel - Kahini Burrows.jpg Cast metal foot with large spike as the heel. Reflecting a time when men encourages their wives to wear high heels to kepp them from walking quuicktl as a measure of control of what women could do.
Christine Boulsover - Woolley Jumpers. Two sheep portraits in charcoal.
Bouquet by Kim Blackshaw. Circular work with stems and multicoloured flowers
Julie Mawson  Summer Sunshine. single large sunflower with stylised background in red with mauve dots
toni 3.jpeg Carved wooden handbag
Wildflower - Bruce Peebles. Waratah on an angle  against green and orange background.

Have coffee with friends
then explore the artworks  for a morning out.

Woman Drinking Coffee
Toni 1.jpeg Carved Wooden figure
toni 2.jpeg Carved animal
3D Mademoiselle L'Amour- Fiona Dixon_edited_edited.png
Fiona Dixon Mademoiselle Fifi_edited_edited.png
Fiona Dixon Tigerlily_edited_edited.png
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